Raising the flag…

Raising the flag...

OK, so my last few posts have been totally off base from my intended reasons for this blog. But, you know sometimes life isn’t always about me and my issues. Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone (not that those who are out and proud don’t do this every day of their lives), and let others know that there are other aspects of your life that are equally compelling. Now that some of my other “issues” are out there, I feel it’s time for me to be getting back to my own “out there” issues.

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Friday the 13th Trivia – New & Redux

Watch out for ladders...

Let’s all welcome:

2008’s ONLY FRIDAY 13th!!!

Okay, for some reason it seems that these Friday 13th Trivia Posts are among my most popular, who could have guessed??? Anyway, since I tried to put as many trivia factoids into my previous posts, I will be duplicating some and intersperse new ones here and there.

In the meantime, enjoy the day and remember – KARMA IS A BITCH!

First, for those who are in need of some protection there are silly rituals and cures galore to protect them on Friday the 13th. A few of them are:

1.Walk around your house 13 times on Friday the 13th.

2.Hang your shoes out the window. (My guess is the smell will drive all the evil away!)

3.Sleep with a mirror under your pillow for the first 3 Fridays before Friday the 13th comes. You are suppose to dream of your true love on Friday the 13th then also.

4.Walk around the block with your mouth full of water. If you do not swallow it, you will be 100% safe on Friday the 13th.

And finally there’s always 13th century age-old Aristotle cure…

5. Wear and/or eat garlic!

and now onto the TRIVIA…

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Is Florida the new Vatican???

Whatever happened to separation of church and state??  Is Florida now taking donations for a “Christian” anti-gay group??


As it should be...

I found this on the “Bilerico Project” today and I just have to pass this around. Hopefully, I have given full credit and won’t be asked to take this down….

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Need I say more…






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Relationships can be Painful and Addictive…

You do me, I do you…

Ok, it’s been awhile since I have posted about “R”. As some of you may remember “R” and I have been involved for almost 18 years. We met many years ago through our son’s respective Scouting Troops. We hit it off almost from the first night we met. Although we were both married at the time, (I have since divorced) we got together whenever and wherever we could, and still do.

I have also posted previously about the guilt and frustration that I had during my marriage, and not facing many issues (cheating, being gay, lying etc.), but at the time this “relationship” worked out for us while still keeping our “secret” life.

Since divorcing my ex, although I am still in the closet I am yearning for the day when I can be free and honest to everyone around me. I would also love to be able to “settle down” and have an open and honest long term relationship. But I know that is something that may be years in the future, if ever. I know that as I approach my 50th birthday this year, the longer it takes for me to “come out” the less my chances for finding “Mr. Right”.

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A Quickie for a Friend…

You know who you are, this one’s for you!


C’mon you know you want it! 


More later,



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Some Clarification Please…

Dear Connie…

Okay, so I know that at the end of yesterday’s post, I said that I would go into a little more detail about the so-called “reparative therapy” that I tried to “straighten” myself out. I am still trying to put that experience into perspective so that I could relate it to you. I will tell you however, it wasn’t through one of those “formal” programs (i.e Exodus International) but rather through a priest that I new in a neighboring town.

Anyway, while thinking of that experience (and thankfully NO it wasn’t extreme), I remembered that I had saved a letter that was circulating around the ‘Net a while back. It has helped me deal with some of the more religious people that I know when they start quoting the bible to me about the abomination of homosexuality. Although these people who have brought up the topic don’t know that I am gay, they nevertheless feel that they have to “spread the word” so to speak by showing how truly righteous they are.

As I have said in previous postings, several members of my family are “out”, so when the discussion comes up about my family members and these god fearing, bible thumping, hate the sin, but love the sinner type of people start preaching hell and damnation to me I hit them up with some of the comments from the following letter from “Chad to Connie”. I can’t wait until the day when they learn about me and I then then give them a run for their money!

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