What are you when you steal a stolen meme???

Well, I’m back, sort of…  I know that I have lost a LOT of readers since I went on my hiatus, hopefully though the will trickle back. If not, maybe I could build a new base.


Below is a meme that I stole from Dirk (TDCTDI) who as it turns out “stole” it from someone else! So, although I may NOT be a total “Gentleman” (I got 16 out of 25), at least I’m not a total rube….

The “Twenty-Five Things a Gentleman Should Know How to Do” Meme.

  • Change a flat tire – (Call AAA)
  • Tie a bow tie
  • Carve a turkey – (You’re kidding, right?)
  • Open a bottle of champagne – (Oh, waiter??)
  • Change the oil in a car – (Can you say Jiffy Lube?)
  • If asked, you know the name of a good barber – (and NO his name is NOT Flowbee!)
  • Have a tailor who knows your measurements
  • Tie a bowline, clove hitch, and a square knot – (Learned at Scout Camp as well as a few “other” things…)
  • Chop wood – (See Above)
  • Shoot a rifle
  • Make a dry martini
  • Keep a checkbook balanced – (It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to add and subtract!)
  • BBQ – (A form of COOKING, HELLO!!!)
  • Lay a fire – (Scout Camp strikes again!)
  • Change a fuse – (Pull it out, push it in… Sound familiar?)
  • Polish shoes – (Have you EVER seen a gay man with scuffed shoes??)
  • The ability to read stock quotes in the business section
  • Keep score at a baseball game – (Hint: look at the scoreboard)
  • Jump-start a car – (Not by choice, sadly)
  • Know how to throw a punch
  • Own a tuxedo
  • Know how to judge a new wine
  • Do your own taxes at least once in your life – (Actually every year since 1974!)
  • Know how how to play poker – (Scout camp again and the first game was strip poker!)
  • Carry a handkerchief

About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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2 Responses to What are you when you steal a stolen meme???

  1. dirkmancuso says:

    OMG — you totally rocked the shit out of this!

    You go with your bad self…

  2. Cb says:

    Who the fuck even carries a checkbook anymore- let alone balances it??

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