Loosening the bonds….

Tied Up

OK, so I know today is Friday the 13th and that there are some who claim it’s an unlucky day. To me it’s just another day because luck whether it’s good or bad, doesn’t really need to be given it’s own day. Shit happens at usually at the worst possible moment. The thing is to put shit in it’s proper perspective.

Case in point. Yesterday while I was in the middle of trying to post my blog I lost my internet connection (and my cable TV). It happens on occasion and usually while I am in the middle of something. So I called the cable company to see if they had any complaints from my area (they didn’t), and then they proceeded to tell me that my service was “interrupted” due to a past due balance. Knowing I didn’t have the funds to restore service within the next few days I decided to go to “R’s” house. I knew I had some items ending on eBay. So I trudged over to his house with my laptop and signed onto eBay and lo and behold an item that I listed 3 times finally sold and it was the amount I needed to pay The Devil my Cable Company. So thanks to eBay and some persistence I can thrill you all with my musings and mind farts once again!

Now the twist to all of this, “R” had his service “interrupted” later that day. What I can’t figure out is he makes 3x’s more than me, but he is further behind than I am. I guess we all have lessons to learn.

In the meantime, take care today, stay away from mirrors, don’t forget to toss salt over your shoulder, don’t walk under a ladder or a piano that is being hoisted.

Peace Out,



About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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2 Responses to Loosening the bonds….

  1. Dirk Mancuso says:

    Nice pic.

    You were saying…?

  2. catrina says:

    found you via Dirk’s blog…I’ve read it from the start, but have been checking back for days now. You’re still there, right?

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