Left, Right, Shorter, Longer…

Survey Says

OK, as many of you know one of the hottest debates these days is if Homosexuality is genetic (in-born) or a “lifestyle” choice. Depending upon what side of the “debate” you are on you can find many “examples” and “studies” to back up your side of the debate. Ain’t life just FABULOUS!!!

Personally, I know I as born GAY and as many of you who read this blog, can say the same about yourselves. Although I have hid in the closet most of my life, I knew I was gay or “different” as far back as I can remember. (I remember staring at boys as early as 2nd grade) It had nothing to do with having a distant father or overbearing mother or that I was molested or any other of the “scientific” reasons that Focus on Families, NARTH and the other groups seem to center on. I also know that no amount of “reparative” therapy will “cure” me. Trust me, I lived a life of hiding and denying who and what I am so long I can run circles around their theories. And now, from what I am reading even Alan Chambers of Exodus International is back-tracking on the ‘lifestyle choice” issue and saying that at most they can do is “repress” homosexual feelings and urges by prayer and counseling and that the “temptation” will always be there.

Today, those who are still questioning their own sexual orientation, now have the wonder of the Internet to find a wide spectrum of answers to their questions. So much information is out there, that in the end I can’t help but feel sorry for that pre-teen boy or teen girl feeling even more confused than ever. Luckily however, depending upon where you live, there are more and more support systems in place to help them come to their own realizations about their identities in a more positive manner. Hopefully, they will seek out for support and eventually be able get correct, non-biased information to help them on their journey.

So, being the inquisitive soul that I am I have done some of my own Internet research. You wouldn’t believe some of the so called “studies” that I have come across. Some are so wacky, that they actually leave you wondering who the hell is sponsoring these things and exactly what are they trying to prove.

Scientist and theorists are leaving no stone unturned in trying to come up with what makes us tick. And in doing so they have come up with some really way out theories from everything such as a gay “germ” to the pattern of the hair whorls (or spirals) on our heads (I kid you not!!!).

There are two other theories however that I decided to put to an informal test. One claims to have proven that men whose right index finger is the same length as their right ring finger are more than likely to be gay. Another one states that more left hand dominate (no, Dirk not that kind of dominate) men and women are also are gay especially if left handeness runs in their family.

I can say in my case at least I am left-handed and my right index finger is the same length as my right ring finger. I also have 4 family members who are also left-handed and 2 of them are gay and another claims to be bi. Hey, maybe there is something to those two studies! So to further science, I ask that you please click on the link below and participate in my quick 2 question poll. Also feel free to leave any comments you may have. I’ll post the results in a few days.

Click ** Here ** to take the survey




About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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4 Responses to Left, Right, Shorter, Longer…

  1. J Z says:

    Do I detect a bit of sarcasm with the “another claims to be bi” portion of your comment?

  2. chaos says:

    There was a study a while back that found out that ambidextrous people are 70% more likely to be bi-sexual. I found that interesting. The scientist were trying to say more left handed people were more likely to be gay rather than right handed people ~ instead they found out that ambidextrous were more likely to be bi-sexual. Makes sense in a way, if we can’t make up our mind on which hand we prefer, then certainly we would have a hard time making up our minds about which sex we like best! (*and yes I’m both ambidextrous and bi-sexual ~ I like to say that I enjoy the best of both worlds!)

  3. dirkmancuso says:

    I wish we’d concentrate on cures for cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s, and other important issues. People are born black, white, brown, gay, straight, bi, whatever — who gives a damn? We waste so much money on stupid shit research like this.

    Whew! I am a tad bit bitter today, eh?

  4. As a geneticist who has given this lots of thought, tho not actual study, there is overwhelming support that there are strong genetic components to homosexuality (more male than female, interestingly, which follows the anecdotal evidence that gay men knew early on while lesbians came into it a bit later in life). There are some good books on all the studies. I blogged a bit about the Darwinian paradox of homosexuality.

    And I will disagree with Dirk. The research will tell us amazing things about human sexuality, gender, identity, etc. And even if it doesn’t I want to know! And in terms of changing people’s opinions, science is not really doing to do it alone, it’s up to society and the civil rights movement.

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