TMI Tuesday… (Late, again!)

TMI Tuesday



1. When you orgasm, do you hold your breath? Depends, if there is a possibility of being caught or overheard then yes; otherwise I have a tendency to be very vocal.

2. Have you ever had sex or played around with a celebrity? Trust me if I did the whole world would know!!

3. Do you think prostitution should be legal? Why or why not? Yes. In countries where prostitution is legal, associated crime rates have lowered along with rates of STDs.

4. How do you masturbate? Do you romance yourself? Get straight to the point? Read erotic material? <BLUSH> I usually get straight to the point like most guys. How can you say “no” if the circumstances are right and things just happened to pop up?

5. Which gives you the most pleasure – intercourse, masturbating for/with your partner, being masturbated by your partner. This is another one of those “it depends” questions. On my mood, his mood, where we are, the amount of time we have…

Bonus: Have you ever had a crush on a relative? Let’s just say that I had some very hot older cousins, on in particular that had I pressed the issue…..



About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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One Response to TMI Tuesday… (Late, again!)

  1. Ed says:

    Reminds me of a question I heard several years ago: Do you Smoke after Sex? Reply: I don’t know, I never looked.

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