Cool Spring Nights…

I love this time of year. You know those warm to hot spring days with a slight breeze and NO humidity. Today it got to 87 (F) and I didn’t even break out in a sweat. And I just love these nights that go down to the high 50’s – low 60’s where all you really need is a medium blanket, and you can keep the windows opened and the ceiling fan on. I know though all too soon those unbearably hot humid days and nights are right around the corner and unless you have air conditioning (or as in my case to cheap to have it run 24/7) sleep is next to impossible.

Unlike most people, I HATE SUMMER!!! I hate having to change 2-3 times a day out of sweaty clothes. I hate having to take more than 1 shower a day, just to wash off the sweat and grime. To me, Spring and Fall are the best seasons of the year. You can get around dressed in shorts, sandals and just a T-shirt without looking too conspicuous and out of place. You don’t have to worry about going into a house and have your glasses fog up and bump into things cause you can’t see shit. Besides IMHO, the flowers are prettier in the Spring and the trees at their height of beauty in the Fall.

To me Spring represents a re-birth from the dark, cold winter and Nature’s reminder that it is possible to have life renew itself. And Fall on the other hand is Nature’s way to gradually get us ready for the shorter, darker, colder days ahead. Sort of a last gasp to remind us that like the beauty that surrounded us the past few months, nothing is forever.

I guess that Spring has been the metaphor for my life the past few years. Although my divorce was painful on some levels, it was also a rebirth for me which will hopefully end as I start a new life as an out and proud gay man. And Fall is a reminder to me of the closeted life that I will be leaving behind. In so far as Summer and Winter is concerned well, let’s just skip over them for the time being!



About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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2 Responses to Cool Spring Nights…

  1. dirkmancuso says:

    I also am not a big fan of the summer months. Fall and winter are much more complimentary to my depressive state of mind as well as my body temp.

  2. Ed says:

    I love Summer! Sorry. Summer is warm and alive. Winter is cold and dead. Spring might get warm then cold again. Fall is when things are dying. I love Summer! Hit it boys…”Roll out those hazy, lazy, crazy, days of Summer, those days of Sodas and pretzels and Beer. Roll out those hazy, lazy, crazy days of Summer, I wish that Summer could always be here!” Or maybe not what the fuck do I know?

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