5 for Tornwordo (Sticky Crows)…

To add a link in the chain, I have joined in a meme on Tornwordo’s Blog…I answer five questions and then if anyone wants to play along, I can ask YOU five questions that you can answer on YOUR blog. Just keep in mind the old saying, “Be careful what you ask for”! Just remember to leave me a comment, so I can send you your five questions. Also feel free to comment on my answers.

1. Tell us about your first kiss. – I was 14 when I had my first “real” kiss. I can still remember the emotions that went through my head at the time. At first I was scared and it was very tentative, then I remember losing control and it lasted what seemed like hours. It was with my best friend at the time (Jimmy). What started out as a dare, turned into one of the most memorable (and defining) moments of my life. It was also when I finally realized that I knew I was gay. Although back then (@ 1972) the word for what I was and what I was feeling was called “queer”. At the time, being the good Catholic boy that I was, I knew it was wrong and I was going to hell. But, no matter how hard I prayed, I somehow knew in my heart that it wasn’t really wrong, just that I was “different”. It was something however that I knew I could never act on and thus began my journey of hiding from the truth. Hopefully the journey will come to and end very soon.

2. How did you discover orgasms? – I remember waking up one morning with a hard on that wouldn’t quit even after trying to pee and I knew I couldn’t ever leave the bathroom like that or even attempt to go to school for that matter. So, after trying to push it down and re-arrange it in my underwear so it wouldn’t show too much, I realized that it felt good when I held it. Well, one thing led to another and let’s just say I was hooked for life! The funny part was I guess I yelled so loud (and yes, that another habit has also followed me to this day) my mother banged on the bathroom door because she though I hurt myself or something. Now you have to picture that here I was 12 years old, living in a very Italian-Catholic home getting ready to go to (Catholic) school and I just discovered that my penis was my new best friend! Talk about embarrassment and guilt! I went to confession that Friday (yes at school we had to go EVERY FREAKING FRIDAY!), and after I ran out of the usual made up “sins”, I actually told the priest what I did! After a long pause (and I think some heavy breathing on his part),he told me to never do “that” again (yeah, sure… what ever!), and to say 3 Hail Mary’s. Needless to say I recited that prayer thousands of times over the next few years.

3. Ever broken a bone? How? Can you tell the weather with your healed bone? – Both of my shoulders have been broken in car accidents 10 years apart. They have both since been replaced twice (similar to a hip replacements). In so far as being able to predict the weather, let’s just say that when it’s getting ready to change (hold-cold, cold-hot, wet-dry, dry-wet) my shoulders (and the pain) is more accurate than the National Weather Service. It could rain for weeks and I am fine, but once the barometer or temp changes….

4. Have you ever seen any unexplained phenomenon? – Without sounding like some sort of psycho-demented charlatan, let’s just say that like the kid in the movie I see dead people too. Not to the extent that some others claim, but at times it gets annoying. To me, they are not “spirits” or translucent floaty things, but rather appear as 3-d “living” people like any living person would to another person. They have never been “evil” or “searching lost souls” but sometimes they just want to talk. I could go for months w/o ever seeing them and then at other times they appear regularly and sometimes at the most awkward of moments. (Try explaining to the person you are being intimate with, that the reason why you suddenly “lost interest” is because his grandfather was watching and critiquing his grandson’s technique!). It would be nice however if someday one of them could give me a winning number or stock option, but for me the future is just as murky and elusive for you as it is me. This has also been one of those things that I have chosen not to tell too many people for obvious reasons. I would hate to have to experience the boredom of living in all white room with padding on the walls and floors and absolutely no splashes of the current en vogue colors. Not to mention, I hate wearing jackets with long sleeves.

5. What is your most embarrassing moment thus far in life? – Well other than #4 above, you can read about my Moon over Miami experience.

What is your favorite dessert? – Besides my homemade Pumpkin-Custard Pie, I would have to say Tiramisu. It’s almost as good as sex..



About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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3 Responses to 5 for Tornwordo (Sticky Crows)…

  1. Ed says:

    Great answers. I am trying to remember way back when I had my first “Orgasm”.
    I heard guys talking about Jacking-off. They would make a jacking movement with their hand. At the same time my P.E. teacher told us that Venereal Disease caused pus to come out the end of a Penis. My young stupid mind put the two together. Nevermind that I had never had sex. I tried this Jacking thing and it felt real good but then this stuff came shooting out, OH No, I thought it was pus from VD. What did he say it could lead to blindness and death. But it felt so good! The next day at school I listened to the real cool guys talk. One guy said he had got some the night before and cum was all over the place. It was sticky and cream colored. Oh so that is what happened, I was so relieved. Somebody should tell us this stuff.

  2. tornwordo says:

    I love your answer to number 4. I’ve never seen them, but I have felt them.

  3. Kevin says:

    Ed – I have to agree w/you. I can still recall those awful P.E. “sex” films, not to mention the fact that they left you with more questions than answers!

    Torn – Thanks, now I don’t feel so alone. But then again…..


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