I guess that not only is this blog a sounding board for me as I travel out of the closet, it is also a learning experience into the the “blogosphere” world as well.

As an example, I wasn’t aware that I could respond to individual comments left on posts. I thought that I had to email back that person on an individual basis until I saw responses to comments on other blogs. So silly me has been keeping email addies in the hope of someday finding the time to reply to them. Another reason why I also put off emailing my “fans” was because, I didn’t want to come across as some sort of internet stalker.

So, without further ado, here are a few of my responses to recent posts:

“Bask to Basics”

Ed: Maybe it’s because of my age but the biggest thing I would worry about would be no state of the art Hospital nearby. Doctors out in the boonies are few and far between. If you don’t like your doctor well he’s all there is so take him or leave him. If you need a Specialist, forget about it.

Me: I have to agree with you 100%. Also as a person with ONLY Medicare Part A Insurance, even if I have a medical emergency, at least there are more options living close to a major city.

Dirk: I live about 20 minutes from a big city and I think it is the perfect compromise. Close enough to enjoy the benefits, far enough to enjoy a slower pace.

Me: EXACTLY! Great minds do think alike!

“Late Night Snacks”

Dirk: Kevin, a bearish man of your age and intelligence should have no problem finding admirers. Trust me.

Me: I do trust you! (SIGH!!) Stop… I mean you’re making me blush! BTW – I have a pretty decent He-Man collection……

Ed: You have found your man. After so many years together you would miss each other terribly. Take him by the hand either literally or figuratively and let him know he won’t be alone. It will be scary and difficult at first, but then to live free and be yourselves together will be worth it all. If he closes the door with you on one side him on the other, take a sledge hammer and break down the door of separation and pull him kicking and screaming into the world of the Gay lifestyle. Happiness will then ensue. It has to be better than living a lie. The truth will set you free. Good Luck!!!

Me: Thanks, but the situation is a little more complicated than I described. I also couldn’t live with myself having to drag someone out of the closet to be with me. As I said we BOTH went into the relationship with our eyes opened and aware of each other’s limitations and issues. Besides, IMHO I think if I had to pull someone out just to be with me, it would only make them resentful of the situation and me. I do understand where you are coming from though and in my darkest moments have thought of outing him, but in the end I just can’t do that to another person, outing has to be their decision and at the right time and place for them in their lives.

“Some Things You May Not Have Known About Me”

Dirk: Licensed Funeral Director. There have to be a ka-zillion stories waiting to be told there. Six Feet Under, Lord of the Rings, and Buffy. You have some good taste there, fella. Actually the cheerleader’s friend Zach was supposed to come out to her (the scenes were apparently shot but the actor got the role of John Connor in the Terminator pilot/series and the producers bowed to his management’s request to cut the dialog where he actually said “I’m gay” to Claire). I’m flattered to be on any list with Tornwordo.

Me: Yes, there will be some great posts about my Funeral Director days in the coming weeks, as a matter of fact I am formulating one to appear in a few days. Yes, I knew about the whole Zach is he or isn’t he – oh, wait he isn’t gay controversy. It seems in the end he didn’t want his “career” ruined or to be typecast. It’s a shame, but I do think there eventually will be a main Hero who will be gay.

And yes, you and Tornwordo along with Joe.My.God are on my daily “must-reads”. In each of your unique ways of presenting gay life and life in general have made me even more proud to say that I am gay.

“What’s the Story, Morning Glory”

Ed: A sale at Target, I’m there!!! The next time the friend calls will be when Hell has frozen over. Was this a long time friend? Call and apologize. Be the bigger man. Good friends are hard to find and vice versa. LOL.

Kev: I’m not a morning person either…especially without a few slugs of coffee in me. Hopefully, you were able to drift back to sleep after the Target sale fiasco. I don’t suspect your friend will make the 6am phone call mistake again. Lesson learned!

Me: Yes, we are still friends. HE called back later in the day to apologize to me for calling so early. Last night I took him to Target and we both got what we wanted and ON SALE! We also “made-up” later on…. (and yes, he is “THAT” one!)


About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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One Response to Duh…..

  1. dirkmancuso says:

    Congrats on learning you could comment on comments!

    I learn most everything from seeing other bloggers — I am incredibly tech-challenged.

    Of course, if you don’t know how to do something, do what I do: ask another blogger!

    (Oh, and I feel your pain on the whole coming off like an internet stalker thing. However, I do on occasion send an e-mail to a fellow blogger if I am moved by a post.)

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