Back to Basics…

Ok, so I have this friend who just informed me that he is seriously thinking of moving. He wants to move because in his words he wants to get “Back to Basics”. Although we don’t live in a urban area, we aren’t exactly in the boonies either. Basically we live in a small town in Southern NJ about 20 minutes from downtown Philly.

Anyway, he said that he is tired of the traffic (like, who isn’t!), the endless strip malls, (I won’t even go there as shopping is my Joie de Vivre!) and in his opinion everyone nosing in on your business. He also wants a more down to earth lifestyle w/o all the “enhancements” that modern life foists upon us as “must haves”. Oh, and did I mention that he although he is married, he is also in the closet? (No, he isn’t THE one I wrote about, just a close friend but not THAT kind of close friend).

So, I prepared a list of sorts to see exactly what he is willing to live without or at least have less access to. Here are his answers, oh and keep in mind he is looking to move way, way out in the “country”, you know where the town post office doubles as the town grocery store, clothing store, drub store etc.

No 24 hour Grocery Stores within 1 mile – What if I have to get a gallon of milk or I get a craving for sun-dried tomatoes at midnight?

No Cable TV and Internet Access – Huh? You mean no Showtime, LOGO or HereTV, and viewing porn at high speed, while my wife is out with the girls? Well, maybe I’ll look into satellite….

No “Wife going out with the girls” to give you some “alone time” – You mean, that we would be together almost 24/7??? Uh-oh…..

No Cell Phone – Waddya’ mean? I thought that Sprint had four bars all over the country?

Spending $5 for gas just to get to a gas station – You mean then I can’t run on fumes?

Someone who can drop everything on a moments notice to help you with your overflowing septic tank. – Septic Tank? What’s that? You mean there is NO SEWER SYSTEM? I have to have a tank full of shit UNDER my front lawn?

Well, I could go on, and please don’t think I was trying to talk him out of moving, I wasn’t. I was just trying to point out to him how comfortable he has become with the “perks” of living where we do. I don’t fault anyone for wanting to escape from it all, I know there have been times I have considered the very same thing myself. I also know some who have “removed” themselves from society so to speak. But, I do know my friend and how he sometimes does things on a moments notice that he later regrets. (Trust me, I have been there too many times to help him out of those spurious decisions.)

Anyway, when I have thoughts of becoming “Grizzly Adams”, I bring myself back to reality when I stop to consider what I would be giving up. Putting aside the material things listed above, tops on my lists would be not being able to leave my family and friends to live a life basically in solitude. I need that daily human contact and interaction. To me, being around people who you love beats out anything else.



About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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3 Responses to Back to Basics…

  1. Ed says:

    Maybe it’s because of my age but the biggest thing I would worry about would be no state of the art Hospital nearby. Doctors out in the boonies are few and far between. If you don’t like your doctor well he’s all there is so take him or leave him. If you need a Specialist, forget about it.

  2. Theresa says:

    Aaaahhh! These are the conversations my husband and I have all the time. He’s been applying for in jobs upstate NY, and while the thought of the $$$$ we’d get for our tiny Long Island bungalow being able to buy us a huge Victorian up there with money left over is enticing, all those items are what I’ve been arguing about. ALSO what Ed said. On Long Island, if you want a good specialist, it’s a five minute car ride. If you want a GREAT specialist, it’s a 30 minute car ride. Having been through both melanoma and a pituitary tumor, I don’t want to be so far away from the country’s best hospitals.

    Nor do I want to move away from the 24 hour King Kullen that’s within walking distance 😉

  3. dirkmancuso says:

    I live about 20 minutes from a big city and I think it is the perfect compromise. Close enought to enjoy the benfits, far enough to enjoy a slower pace.

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