Quiz Answers #1

Ok, Dirk you asked for it!

Favorite book? – “The Great Book of Amber” by Roger Zelazny OK, I know it isn’t Shakespeare, but this book has it all; murder, Royal family intrigue, multiple plots, twists and turns and much more. It was one of the first fantasy-mystery book series to be published AND become a role-playing game. I do have to admit though I did cheat a little on this one. “The Great Book of Amber” is actually a compilation of Zelazny’s 10 book “Amber” series.

Favorite movie? Depends upon my mood. Sentimental: “Brokeback Mountain”, Need to Escape: “Lord of the Rings” (all 3 in a marathon), Serious: “Braveheart”, All time favorite movie genre though would be ANY Movie-Musical even the lame ones!

Favorite color? Cobalt Blue!

Accomplishment you are most proud of? How well my kids turned out w/such a screwed up father. Call me sentimental, but there are times when I see them, I literally tear up at how well they turned out. My daughter teases me for it and my son just rolls his eyes and then gives me a hug.

Worst job you ever had? Selling life insurance – HATED IT!

Quality you like most in a partner? Honesty first above all along with a good sense “self assurance” as a VERY close second. (Nothing like a man who know what he wants, when he wants it and what to do with it once he gets it and leaves you both exhausted!)

If you could keep only one household appliance what would it be? Now this one is hard! I love to cook and I actually have 3 shelves devoted to my appliances! If my house was on fire I guess I would grab (besides my laptop) my Kitchen Aid Mixer with my “Set it and Forget it” Rotisserie tucked under my shirt for good measure.

Nobody knows I can ______. Go with my gut instincts and “read” a person. I can know within the first 5 minutes if I can trust them. So far I have had a 99.9% accuracy. I have only been burnt once in my life by someone and that is because I was thinking with the wrong “head” at the time.

Now, aren’t you sorry you asked? Nope! This is what I actually hoped for, Questions that made me think!




About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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One Response to Quiz Answers #1

  1. dirkmancuso says:

    Great answers. I was expecting something like “juggle” or “shuffle cards like a Vegas dealer” to your secret talent.

    And I loves me a KitchenAid Mixer, too.

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