Do we really want an American President-Pope?


I am a very firm believer in voicing one’s opinion at the polls on Election Day. I have voted in almost every election since 1976 when I turned 18. Even though “my” candidate hasn’t always won, I still felt that as an American I was expressing my opinion and political views. Over the years however I have come to see how my one vote has become in some ways symbolic and in other ways vitally important as has been shown in the last 2 presidential elections where a few stolen cast votes swayed the outcome of the election.

I have also learned at what lengths Conservatives some will go to make sure that their candidate wins. Everything from exposing closeted family skeletons to hate-filled ads to “cleansing” voter registration rolls to redistricting areas to “fit” their needs to even hiding the real issues behind so called Christian “MORAL VALUE” issues.

Don’t get me wrong. This is NOT a rant AGAINST religion, but rather a rant against one religious denomination dictating to the rest of the country what is right and wrong based on their singular view. The good thing is, I believe that many Americans are finally starting to wake up realize that we have been duped by their so called “Moral Value” issues to push their true political agenda. Had America allowed this we would have easily slipped from a Democracy to a Theocracy which has been their hidden agenda for years. If you don’t believe, check Google and you will find literally hundreds of sites that proclaim God is the founder and ultimate ruler of this land and that his word (the bible) should be the guide for ALL Americans and it’s leaders.

Our society (IMHO) has done a complete turnabout from a society where tolerance and acceptance were the battle cry of a whole generation. It was the “flower children” of the 60’s who tried to make this country the ideal for new struggling democracies as well as a beacon of hope for countries who would someday become one. However, this very same generation, are the “the establishment” who they so rightfully rebelled against and have become the very image of “the man” who tried to control their lives and thoughts. The saddest part is they are also now trying to control everyone else’s freedom all in the name of “Post 9/11 National Security” and Christian Moral Values, by using the Patriot Act to destroy our very basic rights as citizens.

We have gone from a country whose battle cry was “for equal rights for all” with protests and marches to Washington, D.C. to a country where those who have a more liberal or progressive view are called anti-American and Al Qaeda sympathizers! WHAT HAS HAPPENED??? Did we all fall asleep at the wheel or did the body snatchers take over while we slept?

It’s about time that we all wake up and honestly ask ourselves how the hell we got here and how can we regain what we lost. Do we really want to live in a theocracy and have the Religious Right dictate to us how we should live our lives, and monitor our thoughts and words? The insanity to all this is we have attacked and invaded a country that is a theocracies only to force them to become democracy while at the same time we have elected officials that feel our Constitution is invalid and that God is the one who determines who should be elected and the Bible replace our Contstitution!

So, until my dying breath, I will not now or ever miss the chance to voice my opinion at the polls, no matter how weak my one vote may seem. Hopefully more and more voices will join my chorus and again we can all be proud to be Americans and never again hide our heads in shame.



About Kevin

I am 58 and I have finally decided to open the closet door and venture out.
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